Welcome to the project LOGICAMENTE.

Logic is a subject offered to many undergraduate courses with different goals and contents. For most of these courses, it is remarkable how Logic represents a pedagogical challenge for both teachers and students, and the recorded number of cases of failures and of discontinuity in studies by the students is often high. Given the need to provide a solid basis on the subject, we propose a set of Learning Object for teaching Logic Applied to Computing: the LOGICAMENTE.

The tools that integrate the system aim to illustrate fundamental concepts and algorithms from Logic, as well as to allow students to conduct interactive practical experiments involving the understanding of those concepts. With our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), we will present a lecture tour for applying the tools available in the LOGICAMENTE. Some of the objects of learning in our VLE carry out tasks such as:

  • the automatic generation of formulas with a specified complexity
  • setting up of a language and defining new connectives
  • translation between different syntaxes
  • construction of truth tables and tableaux for formulas
  • interactive presentation of the formulas in the form of trees
  • an implementation of the resolution method
  • the search engine of counter-models for a finite collection of formulas
  • the use of a theorem proving environment

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