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Formatting Editing tricks

Video Editing tricks

  • Display a YouTube video:
  • For YouTube to have the video start at a specific time code utilize the url args (URL arguments) parameter. Take the rest of the URL arguments from the custom URL and place them into the url args.

  • To display the video as a right aligned large thumbnail with a description:

  • Another standard tag for YouTube is:
    <youtube width="200" height="120">r7gLlIv4ito</youtube>

  • For more setting on Video tags for Vimeo, soundcloud, TED Talks, or YouTube Playlist, check:


Images Editing tricks

  • To display a image, upload the file, and insert the tag:

[[File:Fuzzy logic temperature te.svg|frame]]
Fuzzy logic temperature te.svg

Logic Editing tricks

  • Formulas with Unicode: (α → β) → α
  • Formulas with LaTeX tags:
    <math> \forall x \exists y P(x,y) \nVdash \exists y \forall x  P(x,y) </math>